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      I only wish Mr. Neal, the RSFGC president, would now himself publicly apologize to Ms. Slosar. He owes her that.

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      Thank you rsfposter.

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      The RSFGC President sent out an email to RSFA members stating the following accusation about Heather Slosar:

      “Association member Heather Slosar sent emails and circulated a petition regarding proposed Golf Club membership rule changes claiming that the Golf Club imposes no limit on guest play (100% false) and that the Inn’s guests are allowed to make tee-times (100% false). Ms. Slosar has not apologized for or corrected her misstatements.”

      Per the RSFGC document “RANCHO SANTA FE GOLF CLUB DUES AND FEES FY 2023-24″…under the section ‘Green Fees’ is the following line:

      “* Inn Guest 18 Holes 450.00” (with the asterisk denoting the $450 fee includes a cart fee)

      Further more, in the RSFGC “Rules and Regulations” are the bylaws for Inn guests:

      Section 8 b: “Sponsored guests, not accompanied by a member, and guests of The Inn will be assigned starting times after 12:00 noon PST and 1:00 PDT”

      Section 6 d: “All charges incurred by a guest from The Inn will be billed to The Inn.”

      I wonder why the RSFGC President is unaware of the FY23-24 regulations and fees of his own club? Or were they just amended in May and ‘100% false’ does not refer to the time in which Ms Slosar made a statement which was based in truth according to the regulations and fee schedule.




Viewing 2 reply threads
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