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      Kind of interesting how many groups of dedicated RSF Association Members who claim to love our community through seeking the Truth yet seem to create their own and debate them with such convictions are actually slowly destroying the paradise we live in.

      Isn’t it time that we wash our dirty laundry within the community and as responsible adults?

      Time to come together and debate. Let’s have all the agitators in a room for a professionally moderated series of discussions, hash things out, come to conclusions all can live by and bury the hatchets once and for all.

      No lawyers (sorry Mr. Aguirre), no recording. Willing participants that will, moving forward, in unison, protect our Covenant on the agreements reached.

      So who’s to attend. Let’s offer a short list. Your name not on the list? You’ll be invited.

      RSF Golf Club
      Committed to excellence in all of the golf, food and social experiences we deliver

      – Activists: Too many to name
      – Lawyer: RSFA legal staff

      Osuna, Trails, Forrest

      – Activists: Chet Koblinsky, Anthony Alario, Laurel Lemarie, Lorraine Kent and more

      Neighbors In The Ranch
      Updating members on local issues that impact the Covenant

      – Activists: Heather Slosar, Ilia Christy, M.D., Sam Ursini, Carole Warren, Rob Whittemore, Sally Koblinsky
      – Lawyer – Mike Aguirre – Mrs. Slosar asked Mr. Aguirre to represent her, Mr. Whittemore aligned himself with Mr. Strong against the Association on the Golf Club renovation

      RSF Post
      Foster community engagement through the reporting of news and information that matter to the residents of Rancho Santa Fe

      – Activists: too many to name
      – Lawyer – Mike Aguirre – Ms. Laffler asked Mr. Aguirre to represent her

      Non-Profit Neighborhood News
      Updating members on local issues that impact the Covenant

      – Activists: Heather Slosar, Holly Manion
      – Lawyer: Mike Aguirre

      Rancho Santa Fe Insider
      Provides factual information to facilitate “issue and fact-based” discussion of local RSFA issues in a cordial and neighborly way amongst us “part-owners”

      – Activists: Bill Strong
      – Lawyer: Mike Aguirre

      RSF Savior
      Dedicated to fostering a board-community relationship that ensures every resident is well-informed about RSFA issues and has the opportunity to actively participate in shaping a bright future for RSF

      – Activist: Dick Clotfelter – assisted by his partial list of endorsers including Carole Warren, Heather Slosar, Ilia Christy, Sally Koblinsky (not sure why when being it was highlighted that Mr. Clotfelter was “somehow affiliated with a group of Association “agitators.” he claimed “This is false. I either do not know or am not well acquainted with any of the gentlemen to whom he referred” when the back of his bio published on the RSFA website lists known agitators as Endorsers

      Truth in The Ranch
      Combat misinformation and promote transparency

      – Activist: Anonymous (and not associated with TruthinRSF). When asked why Anonymous:

      We choose to remain anonymous for several reasons:

      • To avoid influencing your opinions or reactions based on any possible affiliation or perceived biases within the community.
      • To prevent personal attacks or distractions from the facts and issues at hand.
      • To encourage a focus on the message rather than the messenger.
      • To protect everyone from potential retribution or backlash.
      • To ensure a safe and open channel for others to share their concerns and information
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