Many homes in Rancho Santa Fe suffer from poor cellular coverage. Starting in 2016, the major carriers and smartphones started supporting something called Wi-Fi Calling. The basic idea is that when your phone senses poor cellular coverage, but has a strong WiFi connection to the Internet, it makes and receives calls over the Internet, bypassing the weak cellular network.

Turning on the feature is easy – for instance on an iPhone, go into Settings, scroll down for the Cellular setting, and then you’ll see a Wi-Fi Calling setting. When turning this on, you’ll need to set your Emergency Contact Location in case you make 911 calls while being on Wi-Fi. Consult a google search/carrier instructions on how to turn this on for Android or other smartphones.

When Wi-Fi calling is enabled, your phone will switch between the cellular network and Wi-Fi seamlessly without you having to worry about it. It will even do soft hand off from the cellular network to your home Wi-Fi, for instance when you arrive home on a call in your car, and vice versa.

Phil Trubey, RSF.net