Topic: Osuna

RSFA November Board Meeting: Inside The Sausage Factory

More divided votes, but generally positive RSFA Board meeting.

Diving Into The Association’s Budget

Association finances explained. Honest, it is more interesting than it sounds.

RSFA May 13 Board Meeting: Budget and Regulations

I distill down a looong meeting into what I hope are entertaining and informative bite sized chunks for easy digestion.

RSFA February 2021 Board Meeting: Omnibus Edition

New more restrictive grading regulation coming, finances are in good shape, new Osuna rules and more.

Time To Give The RSFA a Piece Of Your Mind

The RSFA board wants to discuss no less than ten possibly controversial topics in the upcoming meeting. Speak now on these topics before it is too late.

RSFA January 2021 Board Mtg: Worth Reading

Interesting meeting that touched on a diverse set of topics.

Why Are We Subsidizing Osuna’s Customers?

Osuna's board rates are below market. Why?

RSFA Board Meeting: Everything Else

Snack bar wind wall approval, tennis court improvements in limbo due to finances and an expensive and unnecessary fence to be built at Osuna.

RSFA Board Meeting: New Approaches

Common sense prevails at this largely positive, informative, and constructive board meeting.

Upgrades Planned for Osuna Ranch

Osuna to get some capital improvements.