Attention RSFA Board: Osuna Is Not for Sale

What is it that makes Rancho Santa Fe unique and desirable? It is not the golf course; just about every community in the area has one of those. It is its rural feel, enhanced by less manicured lots, open space, and 60 miles of maintained trails.

In the last surveys, most recently 2022, residents ranked the rural feel and safeguarding the historic nature of the Ranch well over renovating and expanding the restaurant.

One and only

This is why Osuna Ranch is so important to Rancho Santa Fe. It is one of the only non-developed lots owned by the Ranch. It was purchased with funds specifically dedicated to preserving open space and to prevent development or subdivision.

As Lorraine Kent wrote in the Post recently, “very few, if any, homeowner’s associations value open space and historical structures more than we do.” It’s what distinguishes us and designates our community as an historical landmark. Osuna Ranch is home to one of the oldest adobes in the state of California.

This rare neighborhood commodity also possesses commercial utility that could be tapped much further if more focus was applied. Currently, Osuna’s horse operation made over $200,000. It is not a drain on Ranch resources. We spend money on things that have no monetary return. For example, we maintain 60 miles of trails and the playing fields. Anybody and everybody can and do use the trails and the playing fields. These are community assets just as is Osuna Ranch. It should be taken care of just as we take care of other community assets.

Unconscionable consideration

The RSFA’s 2006 purchase of the 27 acres that make up Osuna was a smart, long-range strategic move to protect an historic open space, which aligns perfectly with what members have ranked as priorities.

Recently, the sale of Osuna has become a new topic of discussion among the Board. This is particularly concerning. If members want to change Osuna’s use to something else, they can so decide. But it would be unconscionable to consider selling it.

Sharon Ruhnau is a former RSFA Board Member and long-time Covenant resident.