Topic: Regulations

RSFA Board Mtg: “Degrees of Happiness”

Interesting results from the community survey are revealed.

Lighting Regulation Update

The Association holds a lighting regulation workshop.

Why Ban Wing Walls?

Why are we trying to ban wing walls?

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Uplights

I should have known better, I should have included pictures when talking about lighting!

Lighting Town Hall: The Devil Is In The Details

A lot of heat and light was generated from the recent Lighting Town Hall. I break it all down.

April RSFA Board: Dumpster Fire Edition

The "everything else" that occurred in the disaster of a meeting during April. Read the other articles to read about the substantive decisions the Board took.

Revised Trails Regulation Posted For Your Comments

A new Trail Easement regulation has been posted for your review and comment.

Grant Deeds Being Used to Solve Lot Coverage Restrictions

Property owners with smaller lots now have an option to get relief from the onerous ADU lot coverage restrictions .

Safety and Security Are Also Important

Lighting regulations must take into account the effects on safety and security.

Lighting Is Essential For Security

Yann gives his thoughts about the proposed lighting regulation with an emphasis on how it affects security.