Association Violating Own Rules in Golf Course Renovation

By Phil Trubey

July 2, 2021

A dust cloud from the golf course renovation project. Water truck needed!

Update 7/7/21: See the Association’s response at the end.

Many members have complained to the Association that the golf course remodel project is violating basic construction noise and nuisances practices.

Trucks are working, dust & loud beeping, at 7:30 pm despite my telling them construction ends at 7 pm. Driver said he has to unload the sod & no one told him construction hours. He recognized the huge dust storm coming up & said this project needs water trucks….is mad that his own truck is filthy. We had friends come for dinner tonight at 7 since work was supposed to stop then…now eating inside (because I was out there trying to get them to leave for a half hour)!

Even 7 pm seems kind of late for a construction project! I have a video a member took after 9 pm on June 30th of equipment still at work using equipment headlights. I’d post it, but it is just pitch black with a headlight dancing around – and diesel machine noise, of course.

Here’s a picture of a truck working at 6 am on the golf course. Apparently some work went on during Memorial day and some Sundays as well. I am beginning to understand why people who live around the golf course are already sick and tired of this project.

Truck working at 6 am on golf course.

It is routine for large construction projects like this to have water trucks available to tamp down dust clouds. But that hasn’t been the experience of many nearby residents.

I noticed this pile of dead and dying sod near the 7th green drying out in the hot sun. I took this picture June 30th, but as of today July 2nd, it is still there.

Raw wood chips strewn on the ground are a health hazard to humans, but especially to horses that are ridden on the horse trails. Wood chips that freshly come out of a wood chipper contain shards that are very sharp. Horses can and have gone lame walking, trotting and cantering on trails that have these sharp shards on them. The Association normally processes wood chips by partially decomposing them before using them on trails. It seems that the golf course project is not so careful and people have noticed raw wood chips on the trails.

Various people have complained directly to the Association about these violations, but they rarely get feedback that the problem has been properly addressed. Some more openness from the Association, some mea culpas, and some acknowledgement of problems with a promise to do better would be appreciated. Maybe even a weekly zoom call with project supervisor(s) where people affected by the project could express their concerns?

Update July 3: A truck came by this morning and took all those huge rolls of sod away. The truck driver said it was going to trash. 

Huge rolls of sod being driven away to be thrown out.

Update July 7: The Association responded to our article:

We requested that a water truck be brought in to mitigate the dust and dirt form the project, and it arrived last week. Regarding late work, we’ve been aware of a few isolated instances where work was being done after 7:00 pm, and we have alerted the Golf Club so they can address it with their vendors. Companies working on the project were previously notified about working hours, but they are being reminded/reprimanded as needed. With a project this size and with the number of vendors and workers involved, it’s a challenging and ongoing effort. However, given the scope, it’s being managed fairly well. We will no doubt continue to see further hiccups and will address them quickly as possible.

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