RSF Association Board of Directors Express Positive Outlook on 2015 and 2016

by RSF Post

JAN 13, 2016

When 2015 came to a close, many projects in the Ranch were entering their final phases. Combined with the continuation of several projects, like the Covenant Club and new voting rights reforms, the Board should have an eventful 2016 year ahead.

As we look back on 2015, and toward 2016, it is important to take stock of the most important events and reassess what the Association, specifically its Board of Directors, aspire to do in the new year.

Five of the seven RSF board members provided their thoughts on projects in the previous year and what they believe the focus of 2016 should be.

Here’s what the year in review looks like from:

Board President, Ann Boon:

“2015 was a year of momentous progress for the RSF Association as we initiated projects to improve the infrastructure of the entire Covenant community. The two most important projects are addressing our ‘hard’ infrastructure: expanding wireless coverage and developing access to high speed internet throughout the Covenant with a fiber-optic system. Both of these physical networks are essential to modern life today and to that of the foreseeable future.

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Op-ed: Overcoming Barriers to the Advancement of Cell Phone Coverage and Internetby Ann Boon

Our accomplishments in 2015 also included completing projects that addressed our ‘soft’ infrastructure. Hiring a new Manager and leadership team, rebuilding our accounting and financial systems and raising the level of our outside professional services were all critically important pieces in strengthening our business and administrative foundation.

To me, the greatest achievement as a Board lies in the collaborative working relationships established among the seven board members. Each member of the board committed tremendous time and energy to projects that benefited from his or her knowledge, experience and passion. Each member respected the efforts of the others. Each member showed leadership when it was needed and provided support when that was required.”

In these early days of 2016, many of our important goals still need to be completed. In addition to cell and fiber, there is the Covenant Club plan and the Revitalization of the Village. As a board, we believe these projects can contribute significantly to the strength and value of this community. I believe the real strength of Rancho Santa Fe as a community lies in the talents and commitment of those who dedicate their time to its future.”

Board Treasurer, Kim Eggleston:

When RSF Association Treasurer, Kim Eggleston reassessed 2015, some of the most important initiatives he believes were the hiring of a new Controller, Matthew Ditonto, and improving the Association’s accounting practices. Eggleston stated the “implementation of full accrual accounting, creation of the first balance sheet in RSFA history, and the ensuing accounting adjustments to bring accuracy to the statements,” are among 2015’s top achievements.

Eggleston is looking forward to awarding contracts for the fiber-optic Internet system and cell phone tower development. Making his list of 2016’s most important initiatives includes “establishing a strong working relationship with the County of San Diego to pave our roads, revision of the governing documents, divesting the RSFA’s ownership of the Osuna Ranch property while maintaining the historic adobe, and bringing the Covenant Club development issue to a vote of the membership,” he states.

Vice President, Heather Slosar:

“I believe the work done on bringing fiber to homes and the the planning of the Covenant Club are the most significant projects of 2015. This new year will bring the selection of our fiber vendor and work will begin to get high speed internet to the Covenant. This new year will also bring a vote for the Covenant Club. If the membership votes ‘yes,’ we will build it.”

Board Director, Philip Wilkinson:

“My hyper focus in 2015 has been working with Kim Eggleston and Mike Licosati, and other volunteers from the community and Magellan Advisors, on the Technology Committee as we try to secure better cellular coverage and fiber to homes in the Ranch.”

Board Director, Jerry Yahr:

“I believe that one of our key accomplishments of 2015 was the hiring of the new Rancho Santa Fe Association Manager Bill Overton. Bill has been working hard during 2015 to build upon the exciting team to better serve our community. We established key positions in human resources and communications, improved accounting with staff and systems, and added Operations & Finance Manager Don May, all of which has helped allow Bill to focus on the community’s goals and objectives. Our new staff members have joined seasoned and experienced employees to create a new, more-efficient and effective team.

For 2016, we will continue to focus on improving the efficiency and customer service levels provided to our community via our RSF Association staff. In addition, our focus will be to make tangible progress on improving cell phone service and bringing high-speed broadband Internet service to the Ranch. We also need to focus on improving the roadway infrastructure. We are working hard to complete the feasibility analysis of the Covenant Club so we can deliver a look forward to providing a detailed, well-thought-out plan and set of deliverables so that our members can make an informed decision. Another top priority of ours is to revitalize our Village. This is a vital component of the Ranch, and we need to work together to create both short- and long-term solutions to not only re-energize our Village but also bring back the much needed amenities that were once available in our Village.”

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