Make Our School Exceptional Again

by Glen Griffin

SEP 21, 2018

Glen Griffin is a candidate running for R Roger Rowe School Board.

We can do even better for our kids. R. Roger Rowe is one of the top five schools in San Diego County. It is an incredible place to send our children, with extraordinary opportunities for all. Many families move to Rancho Santa Fe just to be able to attend the school. One crucial educational aspect, however, is being overlooked, and it is keeping us from being ranked amongst the best schools in the country.

Glen Griffin, Candidate for R Roger Rowe School Board

In an era where everything is customized, from our homes, to our cars, to our clothes, why isn’t the education of our children being customized? We need a program to effectively challenge students who have already met and are exceeding state-mandated standards.

Wonderfully, R. Roger Rowe has one of the greatest Individual Education Programs (IEP) in the state for kids in need. Many children who are not in the IEP, however, are not being given the educational opportunities they need in order to meet their highest potential.

I am proposing a supplemental program to address students not covered by the existing IEP – those who will benefit from additional support, challenges, and a higher level of learning. An Individual Learning Program (ILP) would fill the gap and provide all of our students with an opportunity for individualized education.

Given our demographics and resources, shouldn’t we expect that all our children be challenged to the level of their ability? With a superior educational program supplemented by an IEP and an ILP, R. Roger Rowe could become the top school in San Diego County and be ranked among the best the country. Let’s make it happen.

Glen and his wife Sarah moved to RSF in 2012 in part so that their two sons could attend R. Roger Rowe. Glen is a lifelong entrepreneur with a Master of Science in Business. He is active with the school and in the community, assisting the Education Foundation, serving on the Board of RSF Little League, coaching two baseball teams, and helping lead the RSF Beautiful Roads Group. For more information please visit:

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