RSF Connect Construction Update: A New Milestone

by Philip Trubey

SEP 21, 2018

With the arrival of grading machines, a new milestone was reached this week. The central office, which will house all the fiber optic network electronics, started construction. The Association is having its official ground breaking ceremony at this site next week, September 27, at 5pm to celebrate construction start. All are welcome. The site is located on the topmost parking lot of the golf club.

Central Office

HP Communications continues to make quick work of installing the orange conduit for the fiber optic cables. They are moving from area to area depending on the County’s road work schedule. At this point, they are poking the conduits out of the ground at the side of the road, but they will come back later to install underground vaults for these locations.

Fiber Conduits

HP opted to use a single conduit size (1.25″) for all their runs, even for the majority of routes that will house a couple of thin fiber optic cables for a few houses. While this is probably more expensive than microduct, the larger conduits gives us the ability to run additional fiber in the future for other services.

Here’s a look at their boring machine in operation. This technique allows them to dig under roads without having to repatch a long trench:

Boring Machine 2
Boring Machine 1

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