The New Superintendent Must Be Exceptional

by Glen Griffin

SEP 21, 2018

Glen Griffin is a candidate running for R Roger Rowe School Board 

If our school is to regain its exceptional monicker, the school board must find an individual with the right credentials, a track record of academic improvement, and a desire to look beyond the state-mandated requirements of a public school. We need a leader with the desire to take us from #5 in the county to #1 in the state, as well as put us on par with the best private schools in the area.

In order to achieve this goal, the new superintendent might be best sought outside the public school system. This person must have the skill set to navigate state mandates and union requirements, but also have the knowledge and vision to go above and beyond what is required. He or she must also be able to address involved, demanding and vocal parents effectively, offering sincere and knowledgeable solutions.

Our current administration is doing a good job of meeting and exceeding state-mandated requirements and test scores. We can do even better. With the right leader, R. Roger Rowe can soar above the rest and become exceptional again. In order to do so, we need to make academics our top priority. We must challenge all students to the level of their ability. They will rise to the challenge and flourish. Our students deserve a customized education.

With an effective customized education will come higher test scores. With higher test scores, community confidence will be restored, parent confidence will be restored, more families with high achievers and/or higher expectations will be drawn to the school, and property values will rise. Most importantly, students will be happier and healthier, academically and socially.

R. Roger Rowe is unique in that it lies within a one-school district and has the fortune of pulling children from higher-achieving households with greater resources. Our school also has the benefit of an outstanding staff in place that has the desire to go above and beyond for our children.

Let’s put someone in place who can see the big picture and allow our teachers to teach our kids up to their level of their ability. Let them soar like the Eagles they are.

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