RSF Post Celebrates Its five-Year Anniversary!

By RSF Post

May 21, 2019

The following is an interview with RSF Post Founder, Nick Krnich, discussing the leadership transition of the RSF Post and his outlook on the upcoming RSFA election.

Interview with Nick Krnich, Founder of the RSF Post

Who does the RSF Post serve and what kind of feedback do you get?

The Post serves the Covenant community and continues to receive positive feedback and wide readership. We have over 1800 subscribers and growing within the Covenant, and we reach over 1000 people in the Ranch a day through our social media pages.

Who now runs the RSF Post?

The Post has new bright younger leadership! I have turned the Post over completely to Rachel Laffer and Phil Trubey. They are taking this
on for love of our community!

What are their respective roles?

Rachel Laffer is the Editor and took over editorial responsibility from me last year due to my family health issues. Rachel is now solely responsible for editing content. Phil has been a contributor on the Post and has kindly taken over the time consuming task of producing the Post. He is Technical Director (guru) and the genius behind upgrading the Post. He will continue as a contributor as well.

What changes are in store?

The web site has been completely revamped to allow more functionality. We now have a robust article search feature (search icon top right), the ability to see other articles by a particular author (click on an author’s name), and you can now sort articles by topics (click on a topic by the Latest News banner on the home page). 

In addition, we’ve introduced our discussion forum where anyone can freely talk about the issues of the day with some measure of anonymity. 

Since the RSF Post has been around for five years, we have a huge amount of historical information (over 700 articles) on a wide range of topics. Bear with us as we move old articles from the old site to this one – it’ll take a few weeks to move them all over.

Who are you supporting this upcoming election?

I am voting YES on the 2019 Proposed Bylaw Amendment and YES for Bill Strong for Board of Directors. Bill is brilliant, incredibly knowledgeable of Covenant history, and dedicated to the success of our community.

Will you continue to be involved?

The Post has been a labor of love for me and I will continue to provide input to Rachel and Phil at their request.

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