Support the Bylaw Amendment, Candidate To Protect Our Rural Ranch

By Saiid Zarrabian

May 22, 2019

It is election time and ballots have been mailed, making it imperative to share two important points to get your YES votes cast based on facts.

Through Covenant Members’ collective efforts and petitions to stop high-density development in the Ranch, we have finally made significant progress by getting the 2019 Bylaw Amendment on the RSFA Board election ballot specifically designed to protect the rural environment of the Covenant.  It is crucial that this bylaw amendment — which is unanimously supported by the current RSFA Board of Directors — passes via your YES votes. 

Ironclad anti-densification support

Additionally, we feel it important to help elect the right representation on the RSFA Board, who will vigorously support our goal. There is one candidate who has always supported our opposition to any high-density development plan.  Bill Strong has assured us that his support for our objective is clear, “ironclad,” and impossible to change.

Theproposed 2019 Bylaw Amendment is the result of a decades-long and tireless effort by well over 500 Covenant Members who worked to initiate the proposed change. The purpose and result, if adopted, is to guarantee that any site development proposal with the intended purpose of injecting high-density casita-style developments into our remaining open spaces in the Covenant will require the vote and approval of Covenant Members. 

Our unique rural asset

We believe the Covenant’s most valuable and unique asset is our low-density, rural-environment lifestyle. This is the key point of differentiation for our community.  It deserves the strongest protection. 

Simply stated, the proposed 2019 Bylaw Amendment places more power and control in Covenant Members’ hands. 

Currently, existing RSFA bylaws state the following: 1) Neighbors within 500’ must agree before any project proposing a density increase is approved. 2) Also, if neighbors agree, then the CDRC must also approve the increase. 3) Furthermore, if the CDRC approves, the density increase will then be reviewed and subject to a RSFA Board vote.

The final layer of protection

The 2019 Bylaw Amendment on the ballot is straightforward:  If the above groups, including the RSFA Board, should ever support a high-density development within the Covenant, a petition signed by 100 residents will trigger a binding Covenant-wide vote to either approve or reject the density increase. 

The  main purpose of the the 2019 Bylaw Amendment is to add the above final layer of protection for resident members to control our rural environment and Covenant lifestyle via the requirement to vote for or against these projects.

In addition to asking for your YES vote on the Bylaw Amendment, one RSFA Board candidate is guaranteed to be a vocal opponent of high-density housing developments within the Covenant: Bill Strong. 

A crystal-clear campaign promise 

Bill Strong is the only candidate to clarify and refine what he supports in his list of 15 Principles. Mr. Strong is the only candidate to build a website,, and share his thoughts and other details for residents to review.  

We know where Mr. Strong stands, and can count upon his representation as a Director. He stepped forward and made our anti-densification effort a major promise of his campaign.  He attended the RSFA Board Meeting when we asked for Board support and has helped us achieve our objectives.

We and the supporters listed below unanimously encourage you to vote YES for the 2019 Bylaw Amendment and YES for Bill Strong. 

Susan and David Allred                              
Alchera and Willy Ayyad                   
Joy and Hugh Bancroft
Lisa Bartlett
Melanie Brooks                                            
John Cambon                                                
Olga and Dennis Capelson                          
Michael Conger                                            
Yvette Diuri                   
Sharon & Skeets Dunn                              
Martha and John Eggemeyer                      
Cruz and John Gingiloski                            
Sarah and Bob Hadeler                               
Laurel and Robert Hill                                          
Sarah and John Kelley                                 
Suzie and Rob Lankford                              
Mark Nelson                                                
Chrissy and Rick Nicholas
Roberta Oakes-Clark                                    
Carol and Russ Penniman                        
Carol and Dean Roeper
Meredith and Bob Sobol                             
Georgia and Ambassador Ron Spogli
Joni and Chuck Wafer                               
Marie and Saiid Zarrabian

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