RSF Local Election Results

By Phil Trubey

 November 5, 2020

While it looks like the national election won’t be decided for a while, we do have results for the elections that are local to Rancho Santa Fe. These results are from which also shows how the County voted on all other contests. All graphics in this article are from Note that the County is still tallying up results and these specific numbers could change and indeed, one of the races did change as of Saturday morning.  Graphics below were grabbed at 8:00am Saturday, as of 6pm Sunday, the contest winners remain the same as shown below.

RSF School Board

The winners (so far) are Rosemarie Rohatgi, John Tree and Annette Ross. 

RSF Community Services District

This board mostly oversees the sewer system. Deborah Plummer (incumbent) is in, while there is a tight race between Douglas Moul (incumbent) and John Salazar. Moul had been leading until Saturday morning. This could change yet again.

RSF Fire Protection District

The winners were Nancy Hillgran, Jim Ashcraft and Randall Malin, all incumbents.

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