RSF Post Interview with Mark Simpson

By Phil Trubey

May 16, 2021

When I asked Mark why he is running, he said he wanted to represent golfers on the board. He is happy to see the younger youthful energy that has come to the golf club in recent years, both younger adults and a revitalized junior golf program. On recent golf controversies, he would like to see better communications.

Mark is a big proponent of “testing” which means getting the word out about what the board is and would be working on to our community members to get feedback. He wants to help build consensus and be patient while doing so. He believes in member surveys.

Mark would like to see some more emphasis placed on safety issues. For example, he’d like to leverage the RSF Patrol to ensure our more vulnerable older members are checked by the patrol when we have our now regular SDG&E power shutdowns. He’d like to see a police or patrol presence at the Saturday morning Cars & Coffee so that it might discourage the racing in and out of town that we hear every week. 

Mark would like to see more recreation services offered by the Association, both improved current services and new ones like a dog park, and maybe even a skate park. He thinks the Osuna property as a whole is underutilized and maybe some of that acreage could be repurposed for other recreation uses.

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