RSF Post Interview with Dan Comstock

By Phil Trubey

May 16, 2021

As a parent with young school age children, Dan thinks he can represent the growing cadre of young parents either in or moving into Rancho.

He believes good governance requires excellent communications which can then build a solid consensus. As an example of his consensus and communications style, when he was on the golf board, he made a point of playing golf with the woman’s group from time to time to garner their views on various issues.

He thinks that the Art Jury shouldn’t be viewed in a negative light. The work that it does should be better communicated so that people understand why it exists and the important function it serves. 

Dan would like to see an enhanced Association welcome packet for new homeowners introducing them to the many amenities the neighborhood has to offer.

Dan makes extensive use of many Association amenities including the little known Arroyo preserve, and believes that the Association’s recreation assets are very important and should be enhanced.

Dan sees himself as a people person who genuinely enjoys talking and interacting with people. To that end, he invites questions and comments to his email at

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