Restaurant Upgrade Poll


I could tell from the interest generated from recent articles that a lot of people care about the proposed restaurant upgrade project. The Association sent us an official poll over a year ago with, if I remember correctly, three or so questions. Below is a poll that asks you more questions about a possible restaurant remodel, but also goes into other questions about how to make the restaurant better.

By the way, I don’t envy the design group in the slightest. The restaurant needs to accommodate at least four quite different audiences: elegant dining, family dining, golfers coming in after playing a round, and occasional banquets (special events like Easter). I specifically didn’t ask any questions about interior décor styling. I just don’t think a simple poll like this can add much to such a tricky and complex subject.

This poll is obviously unofficial, and likely will be used, if at all, only as a general guide to help others. And that’s fine. Designing polls is really difficult and, if nothing else, the answers shown here can help guide what to ask in an official poll. 

All answers are anonymous, please only respond once (there are routine mechanisms to enforce this, but it isn’t perfect).

You’ll see the results after you respond. All the 1 vote answers are what people typed into the “Other” box. If you are responding to the poll early, come back later to see a more representative sample size. Poll will close the end of May.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

What restaurant upgrades would you like to see? (Can choose multiple)
What physical remodel design elements would you like to see?
How many times a month do you or your family eat at the restaurant in total, including lunch, drinks and dinner (assume no COVID restrictions)?
What's your best guess as to you what you and your family's increased usage would be if the above restaurant upgrades were completed?
Most of the upgrades list above (eg. better ingredients, or more staff) cost money on an on-going basis. Would you be OK with a commensurate increase in menu item prices if the restaurant implemented your changes?
What do you value or like about the restaurant? (Select all that apply)
What are the reasons you don't visit the restaurant more than you do?