Questions For RSFA Board Candidates

By  Bill Strong

March 21, 2022

Bill Strong proposes questions to ask RSF Association Board candidates as we start the election season.

1) What is the purpose of the RSF Association, or why does the RSFA exist?

2) What is the “job description” for a Director of the RSF Association?

3) Does the Board direct Staff or do Regulations and changes have to originate from staff?

4) Should the Board President have sole control over setting the Board Meeting Agenda?

5) Should Directors have access to RSFA Counsel to ask legal questions?

6) Does the Board direct staff by adopted “Board Action”, or is the Manager solely directed by the President?

7) Board Goals are usually set in September.  How should Board Goals become Staff Goals?

8) Should the Board give brief monthly updates on the status of Board Goals?

9) Should Term Limits exist for RSFA Directors?   Or require one year off the Board before running again?

10) Should the Board provide Oversight to the Golf Club, or should the Golf Club have oversight of the RSFA?

11) What is your major goal to achieve if elected to the Board?

12) How should the Osuna property be used?

13) How to serve younger families?    A third baseball field?   Swim Club with older HS kids as Life Guards?

14) How to make the GC Restaurant a community asset?  Is the 2019 Loss Sharing by Members appropriate?

15) What is the “job description” of an Art Juror?

16) Criteria for AJ Approval:  Do you favor more Discretion, or Regs with acceptable ranges for each aspect?

17) Do you favor informing Members of the major specific requirements to obtain Art Jury (”AJ”) approval?

18) Should the AJ conduct up to seven negotiating sessions with applicants, or should it be a jury to approve or deny?

19) Is it a problem if the AJ depends on the Building Commissioner (“BC”) report, and the BC issues a Building Permit because of AJ’s approval?

20) Should the Members-Only website show the appearance of new construction and remodel applications?

21) Can the Board make significant changes in the Art Jury approval standards, or should the PC be amended?

22) Does the Protective Covenant allow unlimited evolution of appearance?  Should “modern” houses be permitted?

23) Can the Art Jury make approval decisions solely on the basis of aesthetics?

24) What percentage of “non-preferred” exterior materials be allowed.per PC 159?

25) How “dark” should our “Dark Skies” Policy be?    Should outdoor “up-lights” be allowed?

26) Has the Art Jury been too restrictive or too lax in the past five years?

27) Should the size and slopes of a lot determine the amount of allowable development?

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