Manghani, Seitz Likely School Board Winners. Other Results.

By Phil Trubey

November 13, 2022

Like a lot of other Counties nationwide, it is taking San Diego County a loooong time to count ballots from last Tuesday. As of Sunday after the election, about 85% of all ballots cast have been counted. This seems to be the dark side of having the vast majority of ballots cast via mail instead of in person.

At any rate, absent a very unlikely statistical fluke, it is likely the results presented below will hold.

School Board

As of Friday November 25th, these are the vote totals (99.2% of votes counted):

It was a very close election. While Manghani almost certainly won, and Kim almost certainly lost, only 29 votes currently separate Seitz and Zarcu. However, that separation has held steady through eight updates, so it is very likely that Seitz is the other winner.

The results should be certified on or before December 8th.

School Board trustees serve four year terms with new members attending their first meeting in December.

Encinitas City Council for Olivenhain

Bruce Ehlers looks to be the Encinitas City Council member representing Olivenhain and surrounding areas. He was a vocal opponent of the massive Goodson apartment building on Rancho’s doorstep, so that’s a good result for Rancho.

State Propositions

Prop 1 will pass, enshrining no limitation abortion access in the California Constitution.

The sports gambling propositions, 26 and 27, will fail. The sub-industries (on-line gaming, Indian reservations, etc.) were fighting amongst themselves in these dueling propositions. The voters effectively said that if you want state sponsored gambling, do it the right way and bribe politicians to write comprehensive legislation.

Public school budgets are going to get hemmed in and constrained even more with the likely passage of Prop. 28 which mandates a certain budget percentage be spent on arts and music.

Prop 29, a dialysis clinic measure, didn’t pass. This is the third straight time such a measure has come to voters in the form of a proposition. Maybe they need to go the legislative route as well since voters don’t seem inclined to weigh in on the complex interplay of unions, medical corporations, insurance industry and, uh, what’s the other group impacted … oh right, patients.

Prop 30, a tax the rich measure that would have paid for more Electric Vehicle programs (subsidies and public EV chargers) as well as wildfire response and mitigation, went down in flames presumably due to Governor Newsom’s campaigning against it. Supposedly Newsom was against this measure due to wanting less taxes and more fiscal responsibility. Yeah, I’m confused as well.

And finally, Prop 31 will likely pass and thus California will ban flavored tobacco products like menthol cigarettes and strawberry gummy vaping juice.

Complete Local Results

The Review has a breakdown of all local races here as of the day after the election.

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