Arroyo Preserve: Rancho’s Best-Kept Secret

Recent R. Roger Rowe graduates celebrated Anthony Slosar’s 14th birthday at the Arroyo in May. (l to r) Finn Phillips, Cameron Markstein, Max Davies, Bennett Gamache, Anderson Blatt, and Anthony Slosar.

Rancho Santa Fe Association members have the most beautiful day-use and overnight camping spot right in our backyard. Some would say it’s one of the little-known, best-member amenities. The Arroyo Preserve is a 68-acre open space located on the southeastern boundary of the Covenant along the San Dieguito River. The Arroyo features hiking and horseback riding trails, a fishing pond, and an area for overnight tent camping.

The preserve is a popular getaway spot with Covenant residents who want to connect with the outdoors without having to travel far. A group of eighth-grade boys who just graduated from R. Roger Rowe School celebrated a birthday at the Arroyo. “The boys, who are lifelong friends, all enjoy fishing, hiking, cooking on the fire, and just hanging out without electronics. It’s the third time this year they’ve gone to the Arroyo, ” said Heather Slosar, mom to Anthony. 

The Arroyo provides a natural buffer from developments and contains several different habitats, including wetland species, non-native grasslands, eucalyptus woodlands, and upland areas. The Coast-to-Crest Trail, which is a 70-mile connection between Del Mar and Julian, runs right through the Arroyo property.

The Arroyo is open to members and their guests daily from 7:00 am to dusk. A permit is required for camping and is available at no cost to Association residents. In order to have a campfire, a separate permit is required with the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Department.