To Rowe’s Class of ‘24

Mistakes you will make, it’s easy to do;
I wish it was certain as 2+2.
But, I guarantee you’ll too mistakes;
And when you do, do you have what it takes?

To say that you’re wrong or start over again;
To make amends with your family and friends?
When you start down a path that leads you astray,
It takes courage and strength to find a new way.

Cuz’ no matter if you’re old, or young,
Finding where you belong is not simple or fun.
Like all things that matter, it takes time and great care;
To choose a smart path and then to go there.

Your time here at Rowe has drawn to a close;
You’re headed to high school and everyone knows
That this class was unique, and really quite bright,
If even sometimes – inclined to a fight.

But that has all passed,
the page has now turned.
And you will take with you,
All you have learned.

And what do I hope you’ve learned here at Rowe?
To discover there are so many things you can know.
And maybe the biggest learning of all,
Is from our mistakes – just get up when you fall.

Mistakes don’t define you and they never will.
They show that you’re human – but you have the skill;
To put any challenge right back in its place;
There’s nothing that’s out there too scary to face.
Finally, I’ll say that what matters the most,
Is the kindness and love you carry for those –
Who might need you one day to give them a smile;
They’re questioning too, if it’s all worthwhile.

Happiness lies in the beauty profound,
In flowers and trees and life all around.
I promise you as you go on your way,
You make a big difference to others each day.

And so eighth grade class, it’s time for goodbye;
Don’t forget you are Eagles and you can fly high!

Annette Ross is president of the Rancho Santa Fe School Board and Covenant resident.