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Here’s the deal… We shouldn’t put any stock in whatever is being published in the RSF Post as it is SO BIASED it is insane.

While the editorial staff clearly stated in their: RSF Post: A Star Is Reborn

I will continue to be dedicated to encouraging wider community input and open dialogue from all corners

It also stated:

As a precaution, the Post is to be a proper group effort. Our online “kibbutz” has established an Editorial Board consisting of Ranch residents who will chip in, put a check on my balance, and ultimately better reflect RSF demographics and perspectives. 

Guess what… if you are not “on the list” you don’t get a voice. Attempting to address some of the misguided statements in the many recent articles, as suggested by the Editorial Staff I tried to make my voice heard through a forum post. The post had to be “reviewed”, wasn’t published, no explanation was given and thus my voice was being silenced.

The RSF Post should be taken down!