Why Don’t Our Staff Stay? Did GC Chef Dimella Leave??

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      Allen Blackmore

      We had a wonderful dinner at the Club last night. The dinner was prepared by Chef Dimella. I don’t think he is leaving. The General Manager, yes has left. Why would you use a participant name RSF Duffer? It applies to 90% of our membership. 🙂

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        Haha. Allen, truly, I am the Duffer of all duffers. If handicaps could be triple digits, I’d deserve 100.

        Thanks for the update. We’re thrilled that Dimella is still there. He was a good get. Let’s keep him busy and happy so he stays.

        The only problem we now have is getting a reservation on burger nights

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      I just heard that the new RSFA golf club manager and new chef are no longer working there?

      Tommy Dimella, the chef, had come from Pamplemousse
      and I thought his food was excellent.
      I’m so disappointed !

      Does anyone know what happened and if this rumor is true?

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