RSF Take Five With Cutter Clotfelter


The Post is launching a new Q&A column, “RSF Take Five,” which will highlight members of the community who are doing great works about town by asking them five questions — just enough to intrigue and inspire over an afternoon cuppa clasped in your I Heart RSF mug. 

For our ticker-tape debut, what could be more befitting than having Cutter Clotfelter, whose legendary family helped establish Rancho Santa Fe and its many organizations nearly 100 years ago, as our first guest. Mr. Clotfelter has continued the family tradition of giving back, and has recently taken on the position of President of the Ranch Santa Fe Historical Society (RSFHS). Apart from his grandparents rubbing shoulders with the likes of Lilian Rice, Cutter’s most boujie Covenant family factoid of all? His dad, Tom, was actually born in 1932 at Osuna.

The following is my Q&A “Take Five” with Cutter: 

1. You have an upcoming event this weekend. Tell us more about it and your collaboration with the new owner of the Inn. 

La Flecha House [where the RSFHS is located] is in need of extensive repairs due to water damage and an outdated drainage system.  We needed a large fundraiser to help defray those costs.  Steve Hermann, the owner of the Inn, graciously donated all kinds of items to the Historical Society so that we could have a Tag Sale. It took a great deal of coordination and effort by our Tag Sale committee, Susie, Peggy and Kim, but I think it will be a win/win for both RSFHS and the Inn. The sale is this weekend, and RSFHS members get first dibs on Friday evening. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

2. What will we find at this tag sale? Is it a Sports Arena flea market kind of vibe or more Paris Antiques Fair feel? 

It’s an eclectic accumulation of the historic Inn’s possessions from Original Art and Leather Furnishings to ironing boards and luggage racks.

3. I read that RSFHS members get a special deal at this event. Tell me a bit more about that and why I should become a society member beyond this tag sale. 

Yes, current RSFHS members will get a special preview and opportunity to choose the best of the best on Friday evening before we open to the general public Saturday morning. In addition to events and educational programs — we’re hosting the Roger Rower third graders in two weeks — and unique speaker series and parties, I believe every Rancho Santa Fe resident shares a responsibility to support this community asset, the RSFHS, which is a resource for the community and the keeper and protector of The Ranch’s history. It’s something you can feel good about supporting.

4. This is your first public event as RSFHS President. Why did you want to take on this role and what’s your five-year vision for the society? 

They roped me in, Rachel!  No, seriously, I feel very lucky to have grown up in Rancho, and I wanted to do my part and give back to the community.  The history of this town connects all of us, and it’s important to me to give my time and energy to preserve it.  In the next five years at the Historical Society, I see major repairs to La Flecha House and courtyard so that it can continue to be a free museum and cornerstone of the community. I would like to streamline our archiving process so that historical information is easier to access for all, and I see a resurgence of energy at RSFHS with more programs, more relevance and more members.

5. Tell me something about the society even a long-term RSF resident wouldn’t know. A good secret perhaps, or something special about a historical site in the Covenant.

I’ve got three for you:  1) La Flecha House was donated by a RSF couple to Ray Mowry who refused to accept the gift thinking there was a higher and better use of the space. That resulted in the Historical Society having a home and The Ranch having a museum. 2) La Flecha House was the first electrified house in North County. It celebrates its centennial this year. 3) There’s a theory that Jimmy Hoffa may be buried in our crawl space. 

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