Richardson Baseball Diamond Restroom Now Open

By Phil Trubey

May 6, 2022

Wow, talk about long gestating projects. Almost five years ago, I complained that the Richardson baseball diamond had a permanent porta potty instead of a restroom like normal neighborhoods have. Well after a permitting nightmare, COVID delays, and most recently supplier and contractor delays, I am happy to report that the restroom is now finally open for, um, business.

The inside looks as good as the outside. Actually, it was the cleanest public restroom I have ever been in, so I didn’t have the heart to even flush the toilet, but I’m sure it works great. They even put in a sink water heater for the hot water tap.

The building itself has obviously been upgraded with a new roof and new paint and the bulk of the interior space is used as a storage space for field maintenance and little league.

The restroom is locked every night and opened in the mid afternoon during the week and will be open all day every Saturday and Sunday.

One down, one more to go. The much larger and more heavily used soccer fields (and baseball diamond) also has a permanent porta potty. That too could use a permanent restroom…

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