Giving Back To The Community

 Phil Trubey

August 28, 2023

If you are one of the many RSF families who, to put it bluntly, would never notice or care if one of your bank accounts dropped by a couple of thousand dollars, here’s something to think about.

Various RSF community clubs and organizations have periodic fundraising or sponsorship opportunities. For instance, the RSF Tennis Club has an upcoming tournament in early October and is looking for $1,000 family sponsorships (name gets printed on a prominently displayed banner during the tournament), among other tiers.

Last year I noticed how at least one family sponsor doesn’t play tennis, has nothing to do with the tennis club, yet they bought a sponsorship just to improve the community. Such sponsorship money goes directly to the club’s operating funds and allows them to do things like give the club a much needed facelift, or even add new courts.

While the Golf Club tends to do just fine with their member dues, Tennis, Osuna, the Arboretum, the Playing Fields, the Arroyo, and the Ewing Preserve among others all could use more money than what their dues and/or Association funding can provide to enhance their facilities.

The Association will likely have sponsorship opportunities for the recreation campus remodel project, and I would urge all other clubs and organizations to do something similar for their areas.

In the meantime, consider throwing some money that you aren’t going to miss towards whatever sponsorship opportunities come about. I’ll keep highlighting new ones as they appear here in the RSF Post.